KOH Magic Lamp

I was asked to take part in KOH Concepts artist engagement series by creating an installation using one of their lamps. The idea behind my installation was to create a mini jungle scene in my living room, and at the centre of it, a shrine to the magic that is light. The lamp is the main focal point of the piece and emblazoned with symbolic imagery lights up a gloomy corner of my living room, a shrine to jungle voodoo and the magical glow the lamp gives off.

I have always liked working with bright neon colours (orange being a particular favourite) so jumped at the chance when asked to take part in the project. Drawing on the lamp enabled me to add my personal style and create my first luminous artwork. I’m really pleased with the results and am looking forward to basking in its relaxing glow.

Take a look at the full range at www.kohconcepts.com

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